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Probate Practice

Texas Probate Practice

When a loved one dies, a probate court usually oversees the process of sorting out the decedent’s estate and ensuring that the instructions in the Will and Trust are upheld. The process of administering an estate is not always routine or amicable – families may disagree about distribution plans or even the contents of these documents. Cheryl B. Jeter uses settlement, mediation or litigation to help families clarify the terms of a loved one’s Will, Trust or Power of Attorney, and resolve any disputes over these documents. Cheryl B. Jeter is experienced in handling Will and Trust contests, claims against the estate and contested guardianships.

Texas Guardianships

Guardianship is a legal relationship whereby one person receives the court-appointed authority to make medical or financial decisions for another person. Several challenging scenarios can result in the need to attain legal guardianship over a person or their estate. For example, a guardianship would be needed when a child with special needs turns 18 years old or if an adult loses the capacity to make personal decisions due to dementia, stroke, mental illness, accident or other challenges. Cheryl B. Jeter is experienced in guiding you through this process with reasonable solutions.

Texas Wills

Everyone needs to have a will. Your last will and testament is a very important document that ensures that your wishes are carried out after you die. Many people think they need to be old, sick or wealthy to need a will. The truth is that everyone of legal age should have a will. Young and old people have possessions that they care about and in case of an accidental or unexpected death, without a will, there is no way the courts can know what your intentions were for your possessions, be it money, land, your favorite dishes, or your pet dog. Cheryl B. Jeter is experienced in drafting and amending wills so that a person’s wishes regarding all their possessions will be carried out after they have passed away.

Cheryl Jeter, Houston attorney and mediator services clients in the Harris and surrounding counties including Ft. Bend County, Montgomery County, and Brazoria County in Texas.

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